Virtual Gifting

Looking for a special gift, how about an online wine tasting?

Christmas will be a little different this year, so I am making it easier for you to show the people around you how much you appreciate them by putting together a virtual gifting bundle! Starting at £80 for 121 tastings, the gift bundles include:
- Two bottles of wine + shipping
- Guided themed wine tastings
- Personalised hosting + professional preparation
- A special gift


Wine 101

A guide to learning more about the wine you love. £80 per household.
Learn about why you like particular wines and leave the session feeling confident to explore and enjoy more of the wine you love
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Wine & The Senses

Discover wine through sight, smell and taste. £80 per household.
Discover how your senses play a part in how you taste wine. This interactive session will have you unravelling wine and identifying its flavour profiles. 
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Grape Britain

Explore the great wines of Britain. £100 per household.
English wine is up and coming, learn all about the great verities of wine you can find locally.
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Orange Wine

Immerse yourself in an amber revolution. £100 per household.
Take a look into how orange wine is made and the different styles of orange wine produced around the world. No, this wine is not made from oranges.
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Vine Australia

Go down under to the new world. £120 per household.
This is a tasting where you will dive deep down under and discover delicious Ozzie wine available in the UK. 
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The Great Fizz

Pop the cork and let the fizz flow. £130 per household
Drink in style, let the bubbles fill your glass and savour award-winning fizz.
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Au Natural

Relish the fruits of natural winemaking.£130 per household.
Live a little and sip some of the best natural wines made around the world. Learn about the natural wine world and the style of winemaking.
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Mystery Box

For when it is time to take things to the next level. £120 per household.
Take a chance and leave the rest to Serena G.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to organise my tasting?
I will need lead time for 14 days to arrange the tasting and to ensure all your guests get the wine on time.

How many people can I invite?
I suggest a minimum of 2 per household. It is important you follow the government guide lines.

Can I invite another household to join us?
Yes, of course. They will need to pay an additional fee to cover the cost of the wines and shipping

Can we do a food and wine pairing?
Of course, I can suggest local restaurants and delicatessens who are delivering and organise food and wine pairing. This will come with an addition fee.

How do we get our wine?
Once you have booked in your date, leave the rest to me and I will make sure the wine is delivered to your door.

How long will the tasting go?
Each tasting is designed to go for 40 minutes to an hour, but feel free to hang out for a long as you like in the Zoom Chat.

What do I need to do the tasting at home?
You will need two wine glasses, a pen and paper. Before the tasting everyone will need to download Zoom – have webcam and microphone capabilities on your computer or laptop, a strong internet connection and don’t forget to have it well-charged and a charger handy.

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