Community Management

Community Management

Community Management

Work with me to build a trusted and nurtured community.

It is more important than ever to feel socially engaged and connected to the world in these times. Online communities are key in marketing to help drive interest and generate engagement.

With a strong passion and demonstrated success in developing and nurturing these online communities, I can work with you to develop your digital engagement to a new level.

Having worked with several clients to generate and build their dedicated online communities, I have experience at each stage of the community development, including ongoing protection, security and take great pleasure in seeing the groups flourish and thrive.

Creating an engaging group towards a form of self-sufficiency takes structure and planning. My naturally organised side ensures a clear plan and schedule with established goals of growth and progression. I’ve catered for a range of sectors and with excellent written and verbal communications skills; I can adapt content and tone to best appeal to the desired audience, ensuring quicker conversion, where required.

Creating a community management plan means bringing together various marketing tool kits, including:

  • Social media management ⁠
  • Event planning and,⁠ 
  • A detailed communications plan. ⁠

Please find out how you can capture your customers and turn them into an engaged community and book a discovery call today.

Case Study

Working with a client to establish their community across multiple digital channels; I developed a series of strategic growth initiatives, including creating a segment within their Slack platform, called AndCo-nnect. This ‘Member spotlight’ promoted the members across all their digital platforms, including Instagram and LinkedIn, providing additional exposure, positive brand messaging and encouraging retention. I also introduced regular Instagram Live Q&A’s as a tactic for increasing audience reach. Within 6 months of the strategy implementation, the client’s community had increased by over 500 members – all sharing, engaging and spreading the brand word.

Community Management
Community Management