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Sense and Forum

Sense and Forum

 Serena G Consulting trading as Sense and Forum



Welcome to Serena G Consulting Ltd.  

In the past we had many hats. You may remember us for our event managment, community building and our wine tastings. We still do all of those things but we are doing them a little differently. 

We are in the process of re-branding the marketing side of the business to Sense and Forum, a marketing and events studio that works with small businesses and start ups to build their communities. 

As for the wine tastings, well you can join me Serena G over @withserenag for upcoming tastings, wine tips and booking information. 

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Sense and Forum

About Sense and Forum

No nonsense community management for human-centred brands. A marketing and events studio for businesses who want to maximise their community.

We work with human-centred brands, that desire no nonsense community management. Unlike traditional consultancies, Sense & Forum’s personable approach provides creative and sustainable solutions so clients can maximise their community, drive real business results and enrich lives for the greater good.

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