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Marketing, Community and Events.

At Serena G Consulting we specialise in marketing, community and events management for startups & small businesses. We work with brands who want to build trusted communities and marketing activities that will take their brand to the next level.

I am all about finding and producing creative marketing solutions that will tell a brands story and make a brand tangible for their community. I like to work with small businesses and startups to launch products, run campaigns, build communities, plan events, and so much more.  With over 15 years of experience and an easygoing and friendly workstyle style, working with me is the perfect way to get your brand voice heard.

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Working Together

Introductions and briefing call

1. Introductions and briefing call

Let’s get to know each other, set up a discovery call so I can better understand your business.

Pitch + Proposal + strategy

2. Pitch + Proposal = Strategy

I will create a proposal, present my ideas to you and we can discuss the strategy in more detail.

Agree scope of work

3. Agree scope of work

The next step is to agree on the scope and the time scale to deliver the project.

4. Delivery + Implementation

Delivery + implementation

Plug + Play

I deliver the work, provide you with all the tools and strategies you will need to manage the work within your business.


Introductions and briefing call

Hire me as a part of the team

Hire me as a part of your team to fulfil a long term project or to develop your marketing department with other trusted freelancers.

Why work with me, Serena G

With over 15 years of experience and an easygoing and friendly work style, you can work with me to get your brand voice heard. ⁠An expert in community, marketing and event management, I am dedicated to bringing the best out of your business and take your marketing activities to the next level. ⁠

I am confident in my ability to work alongside your startup to carry out your vision and ensure satisfaction. ⁠Armed with a calm and strategic mindset, I thrive when working to build and support brands achieve their marketing goals. ⁠ ⁠ 

Get in touch and let’s create something amazing together! ⁠


Serena G

Book a discovery call.

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